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IDC Data Center Machine Room Project Construction and Analysis

The Internet Date Center is referred to as IDC for short. In the Internet industry, we can understand it as a kind of public commercial network data center through its functions. With the rapid development of the Internet, users have higher requirements for data, so the IDC Internet Data Center has begun to develop rapidly, becoming an important part of the Internet industry in the new era. 2022-09-22 11:01:39

Abstract: The Internet Date Center is referred to as IDC for short. In the Internet industry, we can understand it as a kind of public commercial network data center through its functions. With the rapid development of the Internet, users have higher requirements for data, so the IDC Internet Data Center has begun to develop rapidly, becoming an important part of the Internet industry in the new era. IDC Internet Data Center can provide secure and reliable server hosting, leasing, network bandwidth, dynamic server services, e-commerce and other Internet services for various enterprises, news media and other industries that need Internet servers.

Keywords: IDC machine room; Project management; Application analysis

Introduction: The article introduces the development status, development trend, construction requirements and project management of IDC data center computer room, analyzes the risk of project construction, and puts forward reasonable construction suggestions.

IDC Data Center Machine Room Construction Status and Development Trend

1.1 IDC Data Center Machine Room Construction Status

With the gradual development of Internet technology and the continuous popularization of Internet applications, the IDC industry in some developed countries began to develop gradually in 2000, and many large II enterprises began to build IDC machine rooms. In 2002, China's IDC enterprises began to expand and transform the IDC machine room. Compared with the 92M Internet bandwidth in 2000, the network bandwidth of the newly built machine room is 5G higher. In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet in China, China's Internet users began to grow explosively, and the demographic dividend began to show. The number of Internet users in China and the Asia Pacific region accounted for 43% of the global Internet users. When the global financial crisis began, The market economy scale of all industries has been greatly affected. At this time, China's Internet market has driven the development of other industries, and IDC has also been greatly improved with the development of the Internet market. In the four years since 2005, the number of IDC related enterprises in China has been increasing, and there is no spare effort in the construction of 1DC data center machine rooms. There are hundreds of five-star IDC machine rooms, and more than ten five-star IDC machine rooms. Now, the IDC market size has reached about 100 billion

1.2 Development trend of IDC data center machine room

At present, the industrial capital is optimistic about the IDC industry in the future. The future growth of the industry will benefit from the popularity of intelligent sub computers and 4G networks, as well as the rapid growth of demand for bandwidth and traffic in downstream video, mobile and other sub industries. The IDC market is currently expanding at a high speed. According to China's IDC, the scale of China's IC market will maintain an annual growth rate of 30%+in the next few years. It is estimated that the overall market size of China's IDC will exceed 90 billion by the end of 2017. Listed companies involved in IDC business plan to vigorously build new IDC capacity. According to incomplete statistics, 185400 IDC cabinets will be added by 2020, an increase of nearly 319% over the current 5082000 IDC cabinets.

However, the first tier cities will ban IC projects with high energy consumption. In 2014, Beijing Municipal Government's mandatory standards for green data center construction were implemented: new and expanded data centers with PUE>1.5 were prohibited. Due to the heavy energy load in China's first tier cities, the traditional data center, as a high energy consuming department, has a high demand for power. In the future, more first tier cities may issue IDC exclusion policies. Therefore, the energy consumption level and price factors of the data center will determine the next development direction of IDC.

2 Construction principles of IDE data center machine room

1. Reliability. The data center has a large number of redundant systems to ensure reliable and uninterrupted service. Such as redundant physical optical fiber to ensure connection to the Internet, backup of key network equipment, multiple redundant server power supply system, etc. Take the server power supply as an example, the entire machine room is powered by dual high-voltage power supply, with a backup diesel oil generator, and each service unit is powered by uninterruptible power supply (UPS). At the same time, the temperature, temperature, cleanliness, lighting and other machine room environments shall be kept within the requirements of national specifications.

2. Safety. The security design of the advanced data center includes the application mode of the firewall in the data center, the formulation of security policies, intrusion detection, security scanning and virus prevention, etc. In terms of server operation security, software identification technology can provide powerful access control for the server. In the website system, the operation E of the data center engineer is only limited to post service activities, data copies, and recovery. Further operations require the user's personal authorization. Kaiqie Education Center can carry out the security consulting service for customers as a value-added service. Each host hosting partition is equipped with decentralized access control, and the network equipment is equipped with multi-level commands of different levels to ensure the security of the entire network. At the same time, IDC must provide conditions for data storage and backup to ensure that important data of IDC itself and its users can be recovered in time in case of accidents.

3. Value added. The success of IDC's operation management is a symbol of IDC's success. As an advanced data center network solution, it should provide multiple optimized manageable information; It can support products from multiple manufacturers, and can be flexibly authorized and defined. Network monitoring, technical service and support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The standard monitoring program will detect the network connection status every 5 minutes. In case of any problem, it will alarm immediately and notify the user in time. The control center also provides constant temperature and humidity of the machine room environment, automatic fire alarm and other services. It shall be able to provide the settled companies with a package of solution services from narrowband access, broadband access, server hosting and rental services to website planning, construction and marketing for users, website traffic statistics, website search engine rental, etc.

3 Management in IDC machine room project construction

1. Progress management in IDC machine room construction project. Grasp the construction progress of the project, so that the IDC machine room can be completed within the specified time, which requires a scientific plan for the project construction progress, and strictly implement the plan. In addition, during the implementation of the project, the supervision unit shall strictly supervise the construction unit to ensure that the project progress and project quality can meet the standards specified by the customer. If there is any discrepancy with the planning made at the beginning of the project, the project plan shall be adjusted in time, and the project progress shall be strictly managed and controlled to ensure that the project progress can be successfully completed within the specified duration.

2 Quality control of IDC machine room construction. In the early stage of IDC machine room construction, all factors that affect its quality should be strictly managed. The quality management of IDC machine room is the most critical part of the whole machine room project management, and it is also the basis to ensure the successful completion of IDC machine room project. During the construction process, the quality of the machine room should be monitored and checked at all times. The two sides of the machine room construction should communicate with each other on quality improvement opinions, and solve problems in a timely manner.

Cost management in IDC machine room construction. Whether it is expensive equipment or the requirements for the computer room itself, the investment in the construction of the computer room is huge, so we need to manage the construction cost of IDC computer room construction projects to prevent overspending during the construction process, which will affect the progress and quality of the project. For the management of the computer room construction cost, we should first strictly plan the purchase of computers in the early stage of the computer room construction. Once the purchase of computers changes, It is necessary to adjust the computer room construction plan to ensure that the construction cost is within the specified range.

4 Risk Analysis and Suggestions on IDC Data Center Project Construction

IDC data center project construction also has certain risks: first, market risk, whether the user development can reach the predicted value; If the market forecast is not accurate, it may lead to idle equipment and affect the completion of the revenue target. It is a fund risk. After the project is approved, if the project allocation fund is delayed, the project duration will be prolonged, resulting in project losses, and there is a project fund risk. The third is risk management. The project management unit did not formulate a scientific and practical management plan during the implementation process, resulting in some unnecessary losses in the project construction.

Under the trend of transformation and development of coal enterprises, whether to implement the IDC data center computer room project needs to be comprehensively evaluated in combination with the development prospects and risks of the project, the enterprise's own region, management, land use and energy and other factors.