Indoor Micro Data Centers

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  • Product description: Micro data center Integrated Cabinet Solution integrates UPS, air conditioner, power distribution module, monitoring system, temperature and humidity detection, light and access control in a standard

Reliable and safety

All parts follow international standardreliable quality of production.Pre-manufactured, pre-assembled, Pre-debugged,ensure the safety and reliability of product operation.
Self-contained system of single cabinet, suit to all kind of complex condition (Dusty, Limited space,No air condition).
Overall design , overall delivery , avoid design issue of system.
Intelligent bullet door system retard channel overtemperature, allow time for data backup.
Integrated intelligent monitoring ensure the safe and reliable operation of system.


Closer refrigeration, efficient power supply

Single cabinet average PUE≈ 1.50.

Power distribution, UPS, monitoring, refrigeration, multicabinet integration which save more space.

No design and no wiring required , remote and unattended operation which will save TCO.

Intelligent management

The monitor system is open and expandable,friendly interface.

Local, remote WEB access interface and SMS are supported.

Simple and convenient

Distribution modular design , handy installation and maintenance .

Rack model internal air conditioner, easy maintenance .

No special decoration required, installation and debugging cycle only 3 hours.

Single cabinet system, expand to 2-3 cabinets is available.

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