Container Micro Data Centers

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  • CDR-07


  • Product description: Data Centre Power Distribution、Data Centre Cooling、Data Centre Airflow Management、Data Centre Infrastructure、Data Centre Cold Aisle Containment、Data Centre Management、KVM Solutions Data Centre Solutio

Safe and reliable

All components follow domestic and international standardized production standards to ensure product quality          .

Data center productization, engineering productization reliability is as high as 99.999%.

Products such as power distribution and refrigeration systems use internationally renowned brands to ensure the safety and reliability of the computer room.

UPS power supply adopts modular N+X redundant design to improve system reliability.

Integrated intelligent monitoring system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the computer room.

Energy efficient

Combined applications such as     in-row   air conditioners, modular UPS, closed hot and cold aisles, and smart power distribution cabinets can reduce the annual average PUE to 1.50.

The use of   in-row   ACC for refrigeration, the enclosed refrigeration space realizes the nearest accurate refrigeration, which greatly improves the refrigeration eciency, and can save energy by more than 25% compared with the traditional computer room.

UPS adopts N+X pure online high-eciency modular UPS, which can realize intelligent sleep function and save more energy consumption.

High-density deployment, the maximum power of a single cabinet can reach 10KW.

The power supply and distribution are integrated to save space, and 1-2 equipment cabinets can be deployed.

Unattended remote operation and maintenance, saving TCO

Simple and fast

Standardized components, modular architecture, matching services are quickly deployed on demand

There is no need for a professional computer room, and it can be directly installed on the cement floor of the building, reducing external supporting projects.

Product standardization, modularization, plug and play, convenient installation, greatly shortening the business launch cycle.

Intelligent management

It can realize unified monitoring and management of data center infrastructure power,environment, video, access control, etc.

It has functions such as alarm management, report management, user management, and energy eciency management to realize comprehensive intelligent management.