Indoor Micro Data Centers

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Safe and reliable

All components follow domestic and international standardized production standards to ensure product quality.

Factory prefabrication, pre-installation, pre-commissioning and other links are controlled layer by layer to ensure product installation and operation, safe and reliable.

Overall design, overall delivery, avoid system design problems.

The power distribution and cooling system can be designed in accordance with the national standard A-level computer room (international standard Tier IV system).

Energy efficient

The use of inter-column air-conditioning for refrigeration, the enclosed refrigeration space realizes the nearest accurate refrigeration, which greatly improves the refrigeration eciency, and can save energy by more than 25% compared with the traditional computer room.

UPS adopts N+X pure online high-eciency modular UPS, which can realize intelligent sleep function and save more energy consumption.

No engineering design, no decoration and wiring, remote operation and maintenance are unattended, saving TCO.

Simple and fast

Modular design, plug-in maintenance, simple installation and maintenance, and time-saving.

The computer room does not require special decoration treatment, and the equipment is ready to use.The installation and commissioning cycle only takes 2-3 days.

The system in the cabinet can integrate refrigeration, power distribution, UPS, battery, monitoring, wiring, and can be flexibly expanded to 3-10 cabinets side by side.

Intelligent management

The monitoring system has openness and scalability; friendly human-computer interaction interface.

Support local and remote WEB interface access, SMS notification function.