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Micro Data Center for Smart Manufacturing

Micro Data Center for Smart Manufacturing

Plant operators are using smart sensors, and intelligent process at all levels of manufacturing, collecting data from sensors and I/O blocks to controllers and up to manufacturing servers, switches and storage.

Micro Data Center is positioned between the manufacturing floor and the enterprise data center. Micro Data Center can act as a stand-alone system that runs manufacturing applications such as:

  • Process and event monitoring, process historian, production tracking and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) reporting.
  • Control network, outer loop control, recipe download.
  • Quality control, material handling, maintenance, lot tracing, and asset management.
  • ERP integration (scheduling, reporting, material consumption, etc.).
  • Taking the form of a networking hub that has no servers, existing primarily to tie cabling and switches together.
Micro Data Center for Smart Manufacturing
Micro Data Center helps you maintain robust, integrated and secure networks, bridging the gap between the corporate and industrial networks while maintaining flexibility to disconnect the network links quickly in the event of a problem. It’s key to ensure the linkage between devices and systems is secure, protected from environmental factors such as heat or dirt,  power loss, and optimized to speed diagnostics.

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