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Micro Data Center for Key Business Branches

Micro Data Center for Key Business Branches

Micro data centers with edge computing, provide the on-site technology that can scale up and down with branches’ requirements.

By bringing data locally on-site, latencies satisfaction can be promised for a continuous better user experience, and efficient operation, no need to consider the challenge for many distributed organizations, especially those spread out across several campuses, like schools, retails, supply chain warehouses.

Being able to do most of remote management of tasks with the edge oriented technology,  organization managers can meet the minimizing downtime at the same time saving the travelling cost.

Use Cases of Micro Data Center for Enterprise IT:

  • Use Case 1 – Financing bank branches
  • Use Case 2 – Education campus
  • Use Case 3 – Retails supermarkets
micro data center for key branches application
Micro data center is self-contained solutions that provide not only essential infrastructure, but also physical security, power, cooling and remote management capabilities. It’s a simple, low cost, localized solution offers the agility to operate efficiently and effectively away from the main central site, enhances operations and provides a platform with agility.

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