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Micro Data Center for Enterprise IT Application

Micro Data Center for Enterprise IT Application

Micro Data Centers are the turnkey solution for enterprise and SMB clients.

Small enough to deploy anywhere, sturdy enough to support enterprise-class racks gear independent of building cooling with built-in power, cooling physical and encrypted access control. The standardized modules make it flexible to integrate and pre-test everything in a factory environment, forming from half cabinet to multiple cabinets, and quickly delivered with the all-in-one portability.

Use Cases of Micro Data Center for Enterprise IT:

  • Use Case 1 – Enterprise IT vs Hybrid Cloud
  • Use Case 2 – SMB IT vs Cloud Computing
  • Use Case 3 – IoT Cloudlet vs Public Cloud
Micro Data Center for Enterprise IT
The Micro Data Center solution which comes with standardized-modularity, full-integration, and easy-expansion characteristics, really simplify the Enterprise IT system, by maximizing the cloud data center’s efficiency and flexibility, while still keeping on-premise assets on hand, to ensure good connectivity, better the local user experience, and protect sensitive data privacy.

Would you like to move everything to the cloud but still keep some equipment on-hand for security, backup or latency reasons?

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